There are several cooking products that I use on a daily basis or treats that I enjoy every now and then. I regularly order from iHerb. The prices are reasonable and delivery is fast. When you click on the product below and order through these links with the code KLT151 you will receive $10 off your first order. 

Coconut Oil - versatile cooking product but also great as a beauty products and lip balm

Sunbutter - use regularly when trying to make a nut free alternative for the kids snacks to take to school

Almond Butter  - great snack to dip your apple or raw veggies in

Almond Butter - Individual packs. You can get plain almond, maple almond butter, vanilla almond butter and honey almond butter

Cacao Powder- chocolate flavour but has an abundance of health benefits

Choc Chips - dairy, nut and soy free

Quest Bar - Choc Chip Cookie Dough - my other favourite flavours are Cookies and Cream as well as S'mores flavour

Organic Cinnamon - used in muffins, breads and pancakes

Gluten free oats  - as a breakfast cereal or to make muesli bars and muffins

Coconut Aminos- Soy free seasoning sauce - A fantastic gluten free soya sauce alternative

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt - a pinch added to most dishes

PB2 - Peanuts that are slow roasted then pressed to remove 85% of the fat and oil. All natural. No additives.