Thank you for expressing interest in the Coco Motion Mumma 30 Day Boot Camp.

I am so excited to have you on board and join me for what is going to be an amazing month of November. 

It is your time. 

Your time to get your health and fitness on track, feel fabulous in your skin and be glowing role models for your children. 

How are we going to do that? 

1. An initial 15 minute consult with me over the phone or over Skype to establish and set realistic, achievable and measurable goals. 

2. I will email you a weeks training program every Sunday so that you can schedule it into your week. Be prepared to workout 5 days a week. 2-3 High Intensity Interval Training Session (which will include strength training) which can be done at home. As well as planned Cardio sessions. I don’t want you to give up any running, swimming or cardio classes you are already doing. 

3. You will have access to Videos of movements that may be unfamiliar or you may be unsure of. 

4. I will guide you through a live workout each week on Periscope. If you can’t make it at the set time, no worries it will hang around for 24 hours. 

5. Access to an exclusive group of like minded Mumma’s who will be along for the same journey. Where you can share your wins, struggles and gain motivation, support and accountability. 

6. I will land some Healthy recipes in your inbox each week.



A copy of my Coco Motion Mumma Breaky Ebook - 10 delicious Real Food Recipes to make sure you are starting the day off right. 

A copy of my November Monthly planner for you to display on your fridge or in your home to show the rest of the family when your are unavailable due to “Mumma Boot Camp time”. 

Weekly prizes. For each time you post in the Facebook group you will gain an entry into the draw for the weekly prizes. I have some awesome giveaways ready for you!




Are you ready? 

Are you ready to get this Boot Camp started? 

Are you ready to get your Health and Fitness on track before the holidays?

If you think that this is something you are ready for and are going to commit to, I promise to be your biggest cheerleader and accountability sister along the way. 

I am so passionate about you becoming Heart-Fully Healthy that I am going to limit the group so that I can give you the support your deserve. 

I would love to offer you an Introductory rate of $97 for the 30 Days Boot Camp. This offer will be valid up until the 22nd of October after that date it will go back to the regular price of $147.