Managing the Mummy Mayhem - Naturally

Can you remember the scene from Sex and the City where Kristen locks herself in the pantry, to cry, while her kids were outside the door?

That was a feeling that used to come over me….often.

It felt like my heart was racing up through my throat and out my chest, my brain was in fast forward and I couldn’t take the second I needed to decide what the next step was going to be to get through the day.

Between kids, family, work, fitting in exercise, cooking healthy meals, making sure my house was clean ‘just in case’ someone popped around. I was living in unsustainable Mrs Cleaver land.

I played with rescue remedy, listening to calm music, even used a glass of wine to numb the mayhem that was making me feel like a robot fuelled by responsibility.

I remember wondering how everyone else had their crap together, balanced, calm, rocking their amazing hair and killer makeup. What was I doing wrong?

I was desperately seeking a way to create a sense of calm that was not going to add to my already expanding weekly ‘to do’ list.

As if the heavens were listening for my pleas of sanity, it was then that an amazing Mumma shared with me her secret.

Essential Oils!

Essential Oils are nature’s goodness. Volatile aromatic compounds that can be found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants, see I wasn’t lying…..nature’s goodness. It is these compounds that give plants their distinctive smell and inbuilt protection. Essential Oils have powerful therapeutic properties and the cherry on the cake is that they smell amazing.

Now when I feel like I am about to lose it, which still happens, I feel empowered and equipped to manage my stress, anxiousness and overwhelm.

Let me share with you some of the Oils I use to manage the Crazy Mumma Moments #mumslife

Top 5 Essential Oils in the Mum Toolkit

  1. Clary Calm - A topical blend of Clary Sage, Lavender, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Fennel, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa, and Vitex. This is a handbag essential that can be whipped out at any moment to soothe and balance heightened emotions. In other words when I feel like the *hit is about to hit the fan, this beauty get’s used.

  2. Serenity  - This is heaven in a bottle. Serenity promotes relaxation, reduces feelings of tension, calms emotions and has the ability to calm the squirrel mind that struggles to focus. I love to put it on my pulse points and back of my neck each morning in replace of perfume. Serenity is also in my diffuser at home each night to calm down my little energiser bunnies before bed and to promote a restful night’s sleep.

  3. Motivate - A fresh minty aroma that helps promote feelings of confidence, courage, and belief. Like having your besty in a bottle, ready to give you support and encouragement whenever you need an added boost.

  4. Balance -  Tranquility in a bottle! A warm, woody aroma, that promotes a grounded sense of calm and wellbeing. A gorgeous blend, with each oil playing a role. Spruce brings harmony to the mind and body, while Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile ease anxious feelings. The turbo booster to this blend is Frankincense, the king daddy of all oils provides a grounding, balancing effect on emotions.

  5. Breathe - an incredibly refreshing blend that contains oils such as Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca and Lemon. Known as the respiratory blend, breathe promotes open and clear airways. It can be diffused, rubbed between hands and inhaled as well as applied topically to encourage deep breathing. Which is often what is missing when in the midst of Mummy madness.

While Essential Oils have the ability to support us as Mum’s, they are extremely versatile and are an incredible introduction into any home to promote Natural Health for our entire family.  

Mumma, I just want you to know you are not alone in this, the whole mothering thing! This is a hard gig. Not only are we dealing with our own emotions but we are also trying to support those of the  little ones that we love so dearly.

Know that you are doing a great job, even on the days when you feel like you suck at it. Know that there is always someone for you to talk to, someone who will listen to you and support you when things get super challenging. Sometimes, we just need to ask (something that most of us aren’t great at).