Hol:Fit Cleanse Week

The idea of cleansing and detoxing is not one I used to be comfortable with. I thought it meant restriction and starvation and therefore never wanted to do one.

But when Ange Peters from Hol:Fit runs one, you know it is going to be amazing. Ange and I share very similar health messages and whole heartedly agree that health is not just an “outside game” as she refers to it as. Health has so many layers, movement, nourishment, natural solutions, sleep and stress management.

The week leading up to the cleanse there was a lot that was weighing me down. My digestive system was being slugglish, my skin was playing up, my creative juices were flowing slower than normal. There was too much clutter in my head that needed to be sorted out, my patience was low and I was waking up feeling like it was groundhog day.

The whole idea of shaking up my daily rituals and traditions was also making me slightly scared. They were my safety blanket. I was questioning whether I was really going to be able to break the habits that have been keeping me stuck?

Habits that I had convinced myself were healthy and that I have done consistently every day for years - drinking coffee and not just one a day, eating large quantities of meat, having a protein bar or powdered shake at least once a day.

Now, you may look at that and think well they're not really unhealthy are they. The answer is no, but the grip that they had on me was. The daily feeling that I needed to have them, that was real and the unhealthy part.

Top 10 things I have learnt this week -

Coffee - Is something that I can function without. That it doesn’t need to be something I have just for the sake of having it. That I don’t need to rely on it daily like a life saving medicine. It is not something that I need to consume just because it’s 7am and I haven’t had coffee yet.

Clutter - Clutter in our homes, cars, drawers, desks at work causes clutter in our minds. When we can’t see things in their simplest form we overcomplicate them and start to sort them into the too hard basket. Being able to simplify, clean out, organise and compartmentalise allows room in our minds to think beyond the status quo.

Self Care - Needs to occur daily, not just on Sunday’s. Taking 5 minutes to put some warm water in a bucket with some Balance, Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils for a foot cleanse, oil pulling every morning for 10 minutes, asking your kids to give you a massage with some Lemongrass Essential Oil, putting on a face mask while you clean the house. These are all things that don’t take a whole lot of time and can do you the world of good.

Energy levels - I was functioning below my optimal level. I was functioning at probably a 7/10. I was getting alot done, getting through big days and feeling warn out at the end of the day. I had just accepted that it was normal. But by the end of this week, I found a whole new level. I think we get so caught up in thinking that busy equals tired and realistically productive equals energised. During this week between the amazing plant based food, no coffee and being so consistent with taking my Life Long Vitality Supplements,  I think it has made a huge difference. I set a timer on my phone to remind myself to take them twice a day, which was super helpful.

Digestive system - My digestive system was on fire. I didn’t feel the heavy, blocked, bloated feeling that I often experience after eating. Each morning was like clockwork without giving away too much information. I helped support my digestive system with PB Assist Probiotic and TerraZyme, two things that I do daily when not participating in the cleanse.

Patience - I definitely had more patience. At home, with the kids, with my students. Things that would normal irritate me and get under my skin didn’t seem to. I was able to regulate my emotions without needing my oils as much.

Productivity - The first 3.5 days I did what needed to get done and no more. There was not a whole lot of productive work taking place. But by Wednesday afternoon I felt like the energiser bunny. My 4.20am wake calls to hit the gym were totally fine and by mid afternoon I was still stringing together complete sentences, which is always a bonus. Creative ideas were flowing and I was thinking above my normal realm of thoughts, watch out, a whole bunch of awesomeness is coming.  

Swap it don’t stop it - This week was never going to be about deprivation or starvation. So it was important to me that I fuelled my body accordingly and never felt like I was hungry. I made appropriate additions to the program (all within the guidelines). This meant adding dessert every night after my meal. Each night I thoroughly enjoyed some frozen fruit blended with some coconut water. Was this a treat? No. This was part of nourishing my body and supplying it with wholesome ingredients it was craving. I swapped my coffee for warm water with fresh lemon. Does it taste the same? Nope, but when I was craving warmth and comfort, it ticked the boxes.

Waking up feeling  sense of pride - Each morning during the cleanse, I woke up feeling proud. Not for doing the cleanse, but for being able to commit to the previous day. I find that in our current climate, so many people are quick to break a commitment, be it a time to meet, an appointment or to stay true to what they have agreed to. I loved that I was able to stay the course and confirm to myself that I have the ability to commit.

Get out of my own bubble  - It is easy to stay focussed on our self, our families and our inner sanctum. Reaching out to others to see how I can assist them, is something I love to do. During this week, that was an overwhelming desire that I experienced even more so. I wanted to connect with people and ask how I could best serve them, was there something that I could do to make things a little easier, I took some time to send care packages to friends. I wanted them to feel loved and cared for.  

So where do I go from here? I am going to navigate this on a daily basis. But a few things I know…..

Coffee - I will adding it back in but definetly reducing my intake. Enjoying it in social settings and when around an amazing coffee shop. No longer settling for crappy coffee.

Oral hygiene protocol - this needs to continue, it felt amazing. Tongue scarpping, oil pulling and brushing with OnGuard toothpaste

Being consistent with my Life Long Vitality Supplements, Probiotic and TerraZyme for energy and digestive health.

Stay on the water drinking bandwagon. Even if it does mean that I have to go to the bathroom every 30 minutes!

Maintain the clutter free space - being frugal with objects, asking myself if I really need them, if not donating them or throwing them out. Asking myself twice before I buy something new if I really need it. Making sure I put things back in their correct place to avoid the overwhelming feeling of ‘Stuff!’

Honouring my body and making sure I am only using the best quality products on my skin, even if that means they cost a little bit more.

Being adventurous with alternate protein sources. Since I started a primal/paleo way of eating I steered clear of legumes and corn. I really enjoy them and am keen to make more meatless recipes and incorporating them back into my weekly meal plan.

Self Care - A little bit each day. Rubbing hand cream on, taking the time to sit for 5minutes with a warm drink and a book or look at new recipes, put a face mask on, sit in the bath, ask the kids for a massage or even better book a massage!

The week as been so much more than a cleanse. Something that I was in the right headspace to be apart of. I look forward to the next round in a few months time.

If this is something you would like support doing or would be interested in trying some of the products I mentioned I used during the cleanse, reach out and I would love to send you a little care package.