I just want to be Skinny!

Girls just want to be Skinny not Heart-Fully Healthy!

Wow, if I had a dollar for every time someone has told me that lately. I think I would be driving the Jeep I keep promising my kids we will get, when we win Lotto!

From my research (a copious amount of hours Googling), there does seem to be a slight shift-taking place, from women wanting to be model like skinny to women wanting to be lean with a touch of muscle that still allows them to be very feminine.

Would you agree?

 I know what I want.

 I also know what I aspire to help other women achieve.

I want women to feel comfortable in their own skin, eat food without restriction or deprivation. To encourage them to perform daily activity, because they love it and not because of the calories it will burn off.

I believe most women want to be able to look in the mirror and admire their reflection, acknowledge its uniqueness and appreciate what it allows them to do. To be able to do this every day, without it dictating their mood or relationships with others.

I would love for women to put on clothes that make them feel good from every angle, no matter what weird 360 degree mirror they are looking in (seriously, who invented those?)

I feel soooooooo passionately about this.

I know so many amazingly talented, smart and gorgeous women and it breaks my heart to hear how they don’t love the skin their in.

I could very easily tell you how to loose 5kgs in 10 days or how you can fit into that dress by Saturday night. But, all I would be doing is putting you onto the yo-yo dieting bandwagon I was on many years ago.

The one that has you counting and weighing every morsel of food, has you questioning whether you can attend social gatherings not because you are busy but because of what the menu has to offer. It would set you on the exact path to correlating the number on the scale with your self worth. Set you up to feel guilt and like a failure when you ate something that was technically not on the ‘program’.

I could give you this band-aid solution.

Do I want that for you? I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

Can you achieve the body you love without living off vegemite rice cakes? Hell yeah!

 Can you eat without deprivation? You bet!

Can you love the body your in while eating food that you love? ABSOLUTELY!

 Do you need to spend hours on a treadmill, climbing mountains in spin classes or smashing yourself at the gym? Can’t say you do!

 There are some really simple things that you can do to get started.

5 things you can do to start living in a BODY THAT YOU LOVE.

 1.     Smash the scale – The scales merely remind us how much water we are carrying! Get a hammer and smash it! Or if you aren’t feeling the need to let off some pent up aggression, just throw them out.

The best way to monitor progress is by feeling how our clothes fit. Choose an outfit that can become your ‘Tracking’ outfit when you want to monitor your progress. Try it on once a fortnight or once a week, first things in the morning and note how it feels. Does it fit comfortable? Is it too tight or becoming too big?

2.     Book appointments– Take some time on a Sunday afternoon to figure out what you week is looking like and book in some appointments for yourself.  Schedule in where you are going to fit in your exercise, what time and where. Figure out what meals you are going to make this week and write down what you intend on taking for lunch or cooking for dinner.

This allows you to shop accordingly and have healthy meals available throughout the week.

If it is written down and scheduled in, it frees up space in your mind to think about other important things.

3.     Ditch the packaged food – Try to remove packaged foods from your diet. Include fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs and nuts.

Snacks don’t need to be complicated. Have a banana, apple or piece of fruit in your handbag or car so you don’t get caught out. Chop up carrots, celery and cucumbers and have them at eye level for when you open the fridge hangry!

Another tip is to buy nuts and seeds in bulk and use zip lock bags to portion them out as snacks. Or boil a dozen eggs ready to grab out of the fridge.

4.     Move daily – Get up and get moving every day. By now you have scheduled in what type of exercise you are going to do and where. But if for some reason something pops up and you can’t get there, what can you do instead?

Take the stairs at work, walk to the train or bus, squat every time you are waiting for the photocopier. Can you go for a walk in your lunch break or do a 10 minute High Intensity workout before your get ready for work? (There are some here on my YouTube channel you can do).

5.     Be Kind – Be kind to yourself, create positive self-talk and encouragement, even if you don’t believe it at first. Look yourself in the mirror when you are brushing you teeth and say, “I am amazing, I feel amazing”, or “This outfit looks gorgeous today.” This is not being arrogant or self obsessed, it is merely creating a positive dialogue in your head to set you up for a fantastic day.

Write positive affirmations on post it notes and stick them around the house, on the bathroom mirror or fridge. Set daily reminders in your phone, letting yourself know how incredible you are.

I hope these little tips help you out. As I mentioned earlier, I want nothing more for you, than to be Heart-Fully Healthy and love the skin you’re in.

I would love to hear your take on this. If you wouldn’t mind please leave a comment below and let me know, are you team Skinny OR Heart-Fully Healthy?