Pizza and Cake

Last weekend, I took my two little rug rats to a birthday party they had been invited to. It was amazing, the whole play centre had been booked out and there were kids running, laughing, smiling and going nuts everywhere.

Dinner soon arrived and there was about 50 pizzas that got delivered for kids and parents to come and enjoy. I helped open all the boxes and then stood aside. Not once did it cross my mind to take a piece or to ask if any gluten free option had been ordered. 

I watched and observed, people walked over to the pizza and took a piece and then returned once or twice more without hesitation. It was not that I wasn't hungry, but store bought Pizza is just not my thing. Trust me if it was sweet potato hash and steak I would have been right in there. 

We sang Happy Birthday and I watched as my children's face lit up when they saw it was chocolate cake with chocolate icing being served with big scoops of gelato. Not once did it cross my mind to take a piece. 

Again, I watched and observed as people walked over to get a piece of cake with gelato and eat it, enjoying every mouthful. 

There were a few comments directed at me as a stood there without a plate "Are you on a diet?", "Are you watching your weight?" "Geez your good". All to which I smiled, said "no, not at all" and half giggled.

There were a few things that this experience made me think of: 

1. Where along the way did eating pizza and cake not even register on my radar? I know I am a savoury eater but it didn't even look appealing to me. 

2. Why did I not feel the need to justify why I was not eating cake and pizza and stand firmly in my decision not to eat it. 

Somewhere along my journey, my relationship with certain foods suffered a divorce. They just weren't thought about, given any acknowledgement and I certainly didn't feel like hanging out with them anymore. 

I acknowledge what foods work best with my body and my mind. My mind you may ask? Yes, because along my turbulent relationship with food, I learnt that eating "junk food" made my body feel crappy and also made me feel guilty and not great about myself. To the point that I realised that the easiest way to deal with that was just not to eat it. 

I think for me and for most people there is a spectrum of food ranging from food that doesn't really appeal to you (for whatever reason) to the if I don't have it, I'll never survive foods.

Food's that appeal to my spectrum: 

Don't appeal  #nevereat- Store bought pizza, cake, lollies, chocolate bars, packets of chips, fancy cheeses, sugar in my coffee (I am sure you get it).

Somewhat appeal #everynowandthen - Gluten free muesli, rice cakes, rice crackers and dip, gluten free pretzels.

Appeal #alwayseat - Apples, bananas, mangoes, Coco Crunch, chicken, beef mince, sweet potato, veggies, Quest bars, avocados, yoghurt, home made froyo (I could go on). 

What foods sit in your spectrum? 

I used to feel the need to apologise to people when I didn't eat their food or explain why I wasn't eating what they were. 

Now, I just don't. It is my decision based on what is best for my body and my mind.

In the past, I have had people tell me that I have made them feel guilty when they eat deserts or treats and I don't join them. That was certainly not my intention and I hope that my choices never stopped anyone eating food that they loved. 

But realise, someone else cannot make you feel guilty. That is an emotion that you elicit yourself, a reflection of what you are feeling.  Each of us have our own taste preferences, likes and dislikes. Own your food choices and disregard what those around you are doing. 

I am proud to say I am unapologetically healthy. Are you? 

P.S In honour of Upsizing my Life, I am being mindful in June to add more water, stretch and meditate daily. Click here, if you want to be apart of it. I will also send you a calendar that will allow you to track your success. 

P.P.S What foods would you not even think about eating if it was served at a party? Share in the comments below.