$3.99! Game Changer

Who would have thought that $3.99 could change your life?

When I got an email this week, telling me that a lovely person (who was not my mum) had bought my e-book, it was a game changer. 

If you would have been a fly on my wall you would have seen me doing the solo happy dance! You know the one!

To me, it meant that there was someone who was willing and wanting to improve their health, someone who wanted to invest in themselves and start their day off right, someone who believes that I can help me. These are the reasons I was happy dancing. 

My true mission is to inspire and motivate you to lead a healthy, happy life. To exude self confidence, love the skin your in and live each day like you are on the roof top.

If I can do that, simply by helping you approach food differently including the way you eat breakfast. Than I am one happy mumma!

If we're being honest, we all have something we could change to live a healthier life. Is it that you don't eat breakfast (I have a great e-book to help with that)? That your day get's so busy you forget to eat and eat the house down at night? Is it that you white knuckle your way through Monday to Friday, being strict with your food, only to have exhausted your commitment and let loose all weekend? Is it that you have the best of intentions to move your body daily, but life gets in the way? These are all legitimate things that stop us from obtaining optimal well being. So how do we overcome this:


1. Workout the why? Figure out what it is in regards to your health that you are striving for. For example - I want to be healthy because when I feel better about myself, I feel more confident and that allows me to be a good role model for my children. Being a role model for your kids is your why, it's your driving force. 

2. Set small goals - Big goals are great to set but we want to be able to break them down so that we can have many successes on our journey. While my ultimate goal may be to run a half marathon, it is important to be able to run 5km first. Wouldn't you agree? 

3. Remind yourself why you want it - It is very easy to get lost in what the end goal is and forget our why. It is the WHY that is going to connect with you. So when things get tricky or hard remind yourself why you are doing it. 

4. Make it visual - I find by having things written down, drawn or printed out allows me to visualise what I am chasing. Use Pinterest or another online tool to search for pictures, photos, quotes, things that resonate with you, what you are reaching for. Print them out and put them where you can see it. In your wallet, on the fridge or on your bathroom mirror as a daily reminder. 

5. Celebrate successes - Big or small. Make them a big deal. Share them with friends, let them hear about your success. Plan a massage, a pedicure, a night out for dinner in honour of you achieving something you set your mind to. 


For those that have bought the Breaky Booklet (yes, there is now more than one, he he) I want to thank you. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love. 

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