Upsize your Life

Are you sick of having to cut stuff out of your life? Cut out sugar, cut out processed foods, cut out time to read a book, cut out watching TV, cut out chocolate! OMG. Enough all ready. 

I feel the exact same way. So do you know what we are going to do........ we are going to add it in. We are going to stop thinking we need to take things away. We are going to add on, upsize and this is something we can do in all areas of our lives, particularly food. 

We are going to shift our mindset about change and the way we look at things. I don't know about you but as soon as someone tells me I need to stop having something, that is the only thing I can think about. 

This is why for me, food restriction is no longer an option. I need to be able to keep my options open, nourish my body when it is telling me to and feel like I am never going without. 

Incorporate Vs Eliminate


The concept of incorporate Vs eliminate is a simple one. Focus on what you can add into your daily food repertoire instead of constantly reminding yourself of what you need to go without. Let me give you a few examples - 

1. ELIMINATE MINDSET - My personal trainer said I can't eat chocolate anymore. I am never going to be able to survive.

 INCORPRATE MINDET - I am going to make sure I include a choc chip cookie dough Quest Bar for my afternoon tea every day. 

2. ELIMINATE MINDSET - I need to cut out bread and pasta so that I lower my carb intake. But spaghetti bolognese is my favourite meal. 

INCORPORATE - Zucchini noodles look really fun to make. I am going to have my bolognese sauce with those. 

3. ELIMINATE MINDSET - I need to stop drinking so much coffee, between the instant coffee at home and takeaway cappuccinos, I am having 5 a day. It can't be good for me. 

INCORPORATE - I have decided to drink good quality coffee. I am going to make sure when I go out with my friends I order a nice coffee and while I am at home I am going to enjoy some herbal tea.  

Can you see how in all those situations having an eliminate mindset could very easily set you up to fail. Being so hard and fast about cutting things out, leaves you feeling like you are missing out or some how being punished.

What if we just changed the chocolate source, made an alternate vessel to hold your bolognese sauce and enjoyed coffee when we were out with friends. Do you think it would make you obsess over it? 

For me, being able to find healthy alternatives to meals or foods that I enjoy, allows me to minimise my chances of an all out blow out. By being able to swap one or a few ingredients in a recipe, allows you to honour your bodies craving, while still being to maintain your health. 

The added bonus of doing this is without you even realising you have removed elements from your food plan that may have been holding you back from reaching your goals. 

There is a few things that I really want to be more consistent and mindfull about in regards to my health. Monday June 1st sounds like a great place to start. So in honour of upsizing my life I am going to consciously add things in. So here are my goals  - 

EAT - Drink at least 1L of water a day. 

STRATEGIES - Make sure I start the day with my water bottle full and have it finished by the end of the day. Take it with me wherever I go. 

MOVE - Mobilise my hips so when I do squats at Crossfit they aren't so tight.

STRATEGIES - When I am cleaning my teeth I am going to sit in the bottom of a squat and open out my hips. 

DREAM - Meditate for at least 5 minute a day

STRATEGIES - Do it as soon as I get up in the morning. Have the meditation chosen and ready to go on my iPad the night before. 

If you want to be involved you can join me and start on the 1st of June or just join in as soon as you can. Because when it comes to our health and wanting to live a super smashing life we just need to start! 

Preparation is key to success in anything we truly want out of life. So, If you want to grab a copy of the super funky Upsize Your Life June Calendar to help keep you on track, click here and I will email it to you.