How to be your own Clarke Kent

I love the idea of superheroes. The concept of having super powers and saving the world from evil.  The romantic idea that someone will fly in and save you from the perils of harms way. 

Often I hear people say that someone saved them. Saved them from going down the wrong path in life, or rescued them before they hit rock bottom. Someone caught them when they fell, picked them back up, and put them back on the path of the straight and narrow. 

I don’t want to suggest that super hero’s don’t exist, because I think they do, but while it’s nice to believe that this happens. Sometimes it’s not the reality. 

I think we need to give credit where credit is due. While someone may have assisted you, helped you navigate you options, spread the clouds to see the blue sky, ultimately that was your choice. Your choice to decide right from wrong, your choice not to go through with a bad idea. 

We need to be our own Clarke Kent aka Superman. We need to wear the cape and take care of ourselves. Some days, as lonely as it sounds, that is all we have. 

When we look at this theory in the scope of chasing our dreams it can be seen everywhere. Individuals who thought they were on to something with a great idea and backed themselves. They listened to their instincts and stuck it out, believed in their concept and it paid off. Or people who wanted to loose weight and got their mindset right and persisted with healthy eating and moving daily. Those that set workout goals, practiced for a few minutes in each session with the bigger picture in mind. Or the person with a small business idea who breathed their passion and years later made it a full time reality. 

The hardest part about doing this, is having the confidence. It’s easy to stand behind someone else and support them, but it is a lot harder to do it for ourselves. I like to think I have an alter ego that steps in when I doubt myself or questions what I am doing. A part of me, that gives a gentle but serious kick in the pants, to the part of my psyche that questions my dreams. 

My top 4 tips for being your own Clarke Kent

1. BELIEVE. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Have confidence that you can achieve what ever you put your mind to.  There is a cape for everyone, you just need to put it on!

2. FOLLOW. Follow your gut instincts. Yes, you know that feeling you get in your belly that tells you what it thinks you should do. Run the pros and cons test for sure, but the majority of times it comes back to what your gut first thought.  

3. RESET. After each experience you have, take the time and reflect on it. Reset the gauge. What you knew before, is no longer your baseline. The experience you have been through has added tools to your tool kit. Your baseline has changed. Onwards and upwards! 

4. ASPIRE. Role models inspire us. Show us a path and provide us with hope that our dreams are possible. Have someone to look up to. Someone who is on a parallel journey (even if they are miles ahead) who continues to move the goal posts and kick goals. 

Over the coming weeks I hope to share with you some of the inspiring people that I have come in contact with.

Today, I want to introduce you to the delightful Emma and Carla. Otherwise known as The Merrymaker Sisters. These girls are the real deal. They are following their bliss, living a life they love and on the way impacting multitudes of peoples lives with their incredible positivity and delicious food. 

I was lucky enough to sit down for a chat with Emma and Carla a few months ago at the Thr1ve symposium. I left feeling inspired and in awe of what they have achieved in such a short time. 

                                                            Carla & Emma sharing the bliss with me at Thr1ve Symposium


Carla & Emma sharing the bliss with me at Thr1ve Symposium

So when I started writing this post I instantly thought of them and how fantastic it would be for them to take my ‘Women who are Kicking Serious Butt’ Questionnaire. 

So without further ado, I introduce to you, the amazing, The Merrymaker Sisters. 

1. What lights you up each day?

100% waking up and doing what we love every. Single. Darn. Day! Nothing beats that feeling. The fact that we get to help others lead healthier, happier lives at the same time is a HUGE bonus. Merrymaking is our bliss, it's our passion and our mission is to make the world a healthier, happier more magic filled place. So to do that definitely lights us up a heck of a lot!

2. Favourite exercise to do?

Oh! We have two favourites: yoga and walking! Such great workouts for the mind and the body!

3. Favourite got to snack?

Right this moment we are loving toasted pumpkin seeds with sea salt! Epic yum-ness. We also love a bit of sweetener free chocolate (click here).

4. Favourite Quote?

Follow your bliss (of course!).

5. Three items you couldn't live without?

Definitely our mobiles (kind of sad... but we really really need them!), our drink bottles (they filter our water!) and our house (and all of its contents... hehe... that's cheeky!).

6. Song you love to belt out in the car?

Just one?! We are serious car singers! But our all time car singing song is Katy Perry's Roar. Super inspiring and just fun!

7. Best way to spend a Sunday?

Sunday = Funday! Starting the day with yoga, a trip to the markets, some epic baking/cooking and soaking up some sun! We always go to mum and dad's for dinner too which is the best way to finish the week!

8. What activity do you do that allows you to see through the clouds to the blue sky on days of overwhelm?

We love yoga, walking, cups of herbal tea and dancing like crazy in our lounge room (aka the meditation room), oh and meditation!

9. Best advice you could give some who is chasing their dreams?

Never ever ever ever give up! How many times have you heard that one? But seriously, if something isn't working, that's ok, it wasn't your path, but don't you go giving up on this, just change direction and try something else! Your destination (goal) may remain the same but the method to getting there is open for negotiation!

10. If you could have one super power what would it be? Why?

Oh! This is easy! Teleportation! We really dislike flying so being able to pop over to America, Europe, where ever would be kind of amazing!

Thank you Carla and Emma, you truly are an inspiration and I can't wait to see what you are up to next on your blissful journey. 

If you would like to know more about The Merrymaker Sisters, click here.