Paralysed by Eating Out

Standing in front of a fast food outlet or at a restaurant was enough to make her heart beat outside her chest and send her into a state of anxiety and stress. She was paranoid about what additional extras they put in her meal. Was it really balsamic vinegar on the salad or did they add oil to it? Was the roll a standard size? Did they really make her coffee with skim milk?

If you wanted to go out to eat with her, you had to give her notice. Give her an acceptable amount of time to plan the rest of her meals around it. Calculate how she could manipulate her breakfast or fit in more exercise to compensate for it.

Don’t even think about eating Mexican or Indian, you had no chance. Plan on taking her to an Italian restaurant where she could have pasta with a tomato-based sauce or Thai food where she could have noodles and veggies. Low fat meal options were essential. Because didn't you know eating fat made you fat?

Don’t plan on tasting a mouthful of her meal; there is definitely no sharing allowed. Oh and ordering a desert was never an option.

Sounds like a miserable way to live if you ask me. I know all about it, it was me!

Paralysed by eating out!

What changed you may ask? This process did not happen overnight and it did take time. It occurred due to a gradual change in my mindset and a change in the relationship I had with food. When I learnt that fat wouldn't make me fat and was in fact my best source of energy. That eating 'real food' meant nurturing my body and that eating out, allowed me to develop connections and relationships with people. 

To be honest with you, I also think it has a lot to do with there being a lot more fast food outlets and restaurants that make healthy options. Years ago, if you wanted to eat healthy at a food court you had to go to the sandwich shop. Now, there are salad bars, fruit, yoghurt and smoothie shops as well as amazing places like Thr1ve that cater for people who want to eat healthy real food.

This past weekend while completing a two-day course in the city, I was more than excited to be able to go to Thr1ve for lunch both days. I was also ecstatic to read on Facebook that they were having an all day breakfast menu on the Sunday!

Finally, food that you know is fresh, healthy, free of gluten and with no added sugar. Did I mention it tastes delicious?

There was so many meals that I wanted to try and I found it difficult to order just one. I secretly wish I could eat there for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day.

Saturday I ordered a bowl of spinach leaves, broccoli, lemon and herb chicken with basil pesto, roasted peppers and a generous serve of avocado. Ok, you can stop salivating now.

Sunday was tricky, I really wanted to try the Paleo Pancakes but opted for a bowl of free range scrambled eggs, smashed avocado, bruschetta salsa and sweet potato bake. This went down nicely with a salted caramel smoothie – dates, banana, chia seeds, cashew butter and sea salt made on almond milk. Can you see why I love this place?

Healthy real food, that is satisfying, energising and keeps you fuller for longer.

The whole vibe of the Thr1ve stores is inspiring. The staff are friendly, helpful and are clearly passionate about the company’s philosophy.





Click here and check out the Thr1ve website for your nearest location 

Oh and incase you were wondering.  I didn't feel the need to change any of my other food decisions through out the day as I felt confident in my choices and listened and nourished my body accordingly.