15.2 is........... A Learning Curve

If you are a Cross Fitter you are well aware that the Cross Fit Open is on and there are 5 weeks of workouts that are there to test you skills, stamina and frustrations! So having only started Cross Fit four months ago I was reluctant to register but did so I had a starting point and to be honest I got completely swept up in the hype of it all. I resigned myself to the fact that i would do the scaled version of the workouts and cut myself some slack. 

Week 1 was great, knees to chest, dead lifts and cleans with an additional one rep clean and jerk. In other words, what is the max weight you can lift for a clean and jerk. I thoroughly enjoyed the workout, it had my heart rate going, muscles burning and I got pushed to the limit.

Week 2 on the other hand was challenging, humbling and to be honest a little frustrating. There was overhead squats and pull ups. With knee and hand guards on I was prepared to give it ago. Nervous belly had set in and i was feeling uneasy and un prepared. Squatting with 20kg above my head appeared not to be my issue and went through the first 6 thinking how my squat had seriously improved after starting with a dodgy right knee (5 dislocations and a patella femoral reconstruction). It was then that i came face to face with the pull up bar. It was on my third one that I got called out on a "no rep" and i quickly responded with "you know the scaled is pull ups not chest to bar!". Ok, back on track. I finished the two rounds in about 1min 30 that allowed me a good rest and ready to start round 2. 

I got through the 8 reps of squats, 8 reps of pull ups, 8 reps of squats and then it felt like someone had run my arms and shoulders through their own mini marathon. This 8 reps were going to hurt. By the 6th one I was doing them individually. With one minute to go i had only 2 to go, i can do this. Come on girl, you got this. With 30 seconds to go all I had to to was get my chin above that bar. Seems so simple, right? It felt like someone had either moved the bar up another few inches or my arms had stretched out some how doing the previous reps. There was no way my chin was getting over that bar. No amount of determination, support, encouragement and screaming at me to "just one more" was going to get me over that bar. I could feel the time running out, I could feel the frustration rising, i could feel the idea of getting to the next round slipping away just like my sweaty hands off that pull up bar. Final score.....55 reps. 

Initial reaction was disappointment, frustration. You can do better than that I thought. Then in my attempt to make this experience a positive one i came up with the following things that I was going to take away from the workout. 

1. 4 months ago I could not squat passed parallel let alone with 20kg above my head

2. Doing one pull up was great, doing 27 of them is amazing. 

3. I had people I didn't know 4months ago cheering me on and encouraging me. What a fantastic feeling. 

4. Next year I will be waiting for Dave Castro to say 15.2 is 16.2! Rematch baby!

Now i could re-do this workout to try and achieve a better score but i have decided not to. That was the best that I could do at the time and i am going to have to be ok with that. I am going to have to acknowledge that sometimes I am going to have to be ok with not smashing it out of the park. it doesn't mean i am not going to try but it means if I try and only get to third base then that is a commendable effort too!

Is there something that you really tried to achieve and just missed out but realised it was just an important step in the process?