Fail Safe Routines and Top Loaders

"If you want something done, ask a busy person" Benjamin Franklin. 

I clearly had my hand up for this one! To say this week has been a scheduling challenge is an understatement. It has been none stop. On top of the regular schedule we have conquered swimming lessons, soccer training, chiropractor appointments, dentist appointments as well as additional work commitments and a washing machine that decided it was time to go to appliance heaven. Oh and did I mention that this Coco Mumma commenced her B-school learning journey, yeeha!

Some might say I am a glutton for punishment and others may use the term motivated. For me it is somewhere in between. There are limited opportunities in life and it appears that when the universe aligns it tends to throw them all at you at once to see what you can juggle. 

There are a few things in my week that are set in place and the additional tasks and duties don't influence. One of these being I love to get up and move by body daily, be it at the gym, CrossFit session, a HIIT (high intensity interval session) in the kids play room or my latest workout being Pilates (all in the name of learning to breathe properly, seems trivial right!). It sets me up for my day, lets the endorphins run free and has me in a positive head space. I can also rest easy that it is done for the day and I can focus on the kids and their activities for the remainder of the day. Don't get me wronge some days when that alarm goes off at 4.40am I am not doing cartwheels and thinking of the endorphins!


Another part of my Monday to Friday schedule that remains relatively the same is my meal plan. I figure by allowing things to remain the same i am on autopilot and therefore can shop, prepare and cook similar foods freeing up my brain for more pressing issues e.g. Do we buy a front loader or a top loader? This includes eating salads for lunch, veggies and eggs for breaky and an assortment of veggies and fruit for afternoon tea. These assortments are prepared the night before as are school lunches and tucked away in the fridge awaiting me to pull them out the following morning. Mind you this also gives me a little sense of satisfaction and sense of achievement at my organisational skills. It works for me during the week and am often left indecisive on weekends when its not planned. 

Another no brainer for the week is the shopping delivery that happens every wednesday night. I cottoned on to the fact that Coles deliver Wednesday nights for free if you spend over $100 so i felt compelled to take them up on the offer. Nothing makes me happier than watching heavy tins of beetroot, bulk toilet paper and copious bottles of mineral water be carried in by someone who isn't me. 

By instigating a few of these simple things, my week is more manageable and comprehendible. So when i get thrown an extra ball to juggle i am more prepared to catch it. 

What do you do in your week that helps you sail through it without dropping the balls?