Costco sized Dinosaurs

Sunday was a day filled with big things. I took my little man to see the live show "Walking with the Dinosaurs". It was amazing to see this size of these dinosaurs they had created and the part I thought was really great was seeing how small the men looked as they sat in what was like a mini racing car driving the dinosaurs around the stage. 

It was incredibly well done and very realistic. It had us on the edge of our seats and was very educational. I have to admit the part I loved the most was spending some one on one time with my son, which doesn't happen very often. Him snuggling into me in parts where he was a little frightened and watching his face light up when something cool happened. 

The show finished up and I felt obliged to buy the over priced spinny dinosaur with lights knowing that it probably wouldn't make it through the week. I could see how excited he was to have one and I kept remembering all the pointless programmes my mum had bought me over the years when we went to shoes and how desperate I was to have one. 

The next stop was Costco. I had only every been once before but in an attempt to save money on the shopping bill I was willing to give it another shot and become a member. But first we needed food. In true Coco Mumma style I had packed lunch. I had made my Paleo bread the day before and cut some up and thrown it in the bag with some smashed avocado. This bread is so tasty, I am glad I only put in a couple of slices cause I really could have devoured the whole thing its that mourish. 

Costco shopping - crazy, hectic, over crowded, some much stuff I don't need, bulk, exciting, fun, new. These are just a few of the words I thought of. 

A few of my favourite sized fines were the 1kg of grape tomatoes, 48 Long rolls of toilet paper, 1kg bag of almonds and massive jar of coconut oil. Not to mention the meat. Pork and apples sausages that were nicely cooked up for dinner (I know the picture looks like they were burnt but they weren't) and the beef roast. This had me salivating all day long while it cooked in the slow cooker. 

The beef in the slow cooker really is a great way to save time on cooking. It's very simple preparation and then sit back and smell! There is also enough beef to feed a small army or in my case my family for 2 dinners and a lunch. 

I just did a really simple seasoning and cooked some veggies with it. See recipe below.

What item would you like to be able to buy in bulk? 



1. Chop up carrot, celery and onion and throw in bottom of slow cooker

2. Season beef with salt, thyme and garlic

3. Put beef in slow cooker on top of vegetable and tip beef stock over the top

4. Let cook in slow cooker on low for 5-6 hours depending on your slow cooker. 

5. Serve with mashed cauliflower and oregano, broccoli and baked sweet potato. 






Savoury Paleo Bread

Savoury Paleo Bread

Pork and apples sausages. Pumpkin and coriander salad. Savoury paleo bread with smashed avocado. 

Pork and apples sausages. Pumpkin and coriander salad. Savoury paleo bread with smashed avocado. 


Beef Blade Roast Dinner - Slow Cooker 

2.5kg Beef Blade Roast

4 carrots - peeled and chopped

3 celery stalks - chopped

1 onion - chopped

1 cup beef stock

Pinch of salt

1tsp thyme

1 tsp garlic powder (had no fresh garlic)