When I grow up I want WINGS

"Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall." Ray Bradbury

This has been a common theme for me this week. I have been pondering the idea of flying. Not like in the sky flying but being so high on life that i felt like i was flying.

Coming off an event like the Thr1ve symposium last weekend had my adrenalin pumping, good vibes racing and a ground wave of momentum that had me thinking anything was possible.

I had some big goals this week so i needed to start off planning my week scheduling in the kids activities, my workout times, meal preparation and then figuring out where studying was going to fit in, even if that meant 4am wake up calls. The thing is I didn't mind. I love it, I love learning new things, I especially love it when I can figure things out, like linking my facebook page to this blog!

With all that going on I was able to reflect on a few things.

After sitting through an informative talk with Michele Chevalley Hedge last weekend I was buzzing. I felt like a two year old who wanted to scream out with excitement.  So when the next talk was starting I happened to say to my friend next to me "How am  going to go back to my life after this?" to which the next presenter said "Well, what's your life?". Hmmmm. That got me and "a busy one" was the only words that transcended out of my mouth. To which his reply was "I don't like that word busy, what about productive." Check mate. Light globe moment!

I am living a productive life but in my mind I am constantly busy. What if I thought that a maxed out to do list was just an indication of a super productive day and not a super busy one. What if I changed my mindset to be grateful for the fact I have so many great tasks to get done in one day. Easy to say not so easy to do. However, this is now a work in progress. I feel like I need to wear a t-shirt to remind me "I am not running around like a crazy person cause I am busy....I am productive."

So getting back to flying. I realised that the older we get the less we trust in our wings. I watched my daughter this week learn to skip, practice her handstands and climb at the park beyond where she had been before. As I called out to her to just go where she was comfortable I realised that perhaps it was my fear of her falling that was the handbreak in her climbing higher. Maybe it was me that was scaring her off trying to go higher, cause in her mind falling was not an option.

I also watched my son kit up for his first ever game of soccer. There seemed to be no nerves, no fears of not knowing the rules, no hesitation about getting out on that field and trying to get that ball in the goal so that his team could do a well rehearsed victory celebration. As he stood on the field and directed play, motivated his new soccer buddies and ran like David Beckham around the field. I realised something. He had found his wings. He had found the thing that brings him pure joy and something that he was good at.

Now my job....... to make sure those wings stay strong and well nurtured.