Food Favs of the Week


There was a need to use the ripe bananas this week in my house and I was hankering for some delicious banana bread. I usually love to add some dates for sweetness instead of nuts as well as some coconut flakes for a little texture. However, the little man of the house has a thing about 'chuncks' in his banana bread. So i came up with something that had no chuncks, a chocolately flare as well as nut free so it could be taken to school. The result - Banana Cacao Bread. 

It went down a treat. The kids liked theres toasted in the sandwich press, I liked mine just as is and needless to say while I got the tick of approval to send some in the lunch box it was devoured over the weekend and there was none left!

Bananas + Cacao + Coconut flour  = A mummy success. 

A few of the benefits of Cacao that i particularly appreciate are that it lowers insulin resistance, boosts your mood and it is rich in the minerals magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc and copper. Its a bit like taking a multi-vitamin but tastier.