3,2, 1.......Registered!

What an amazing weekend it has been. I have been tossing up with a few big life decisions lately. B-school as I mentioned in my last post and the Crossfit Open. 

I started Cross Fit in October of 2014 and fell in love instantly. It was a well needed change from trying to do half marathons and I thoroughly enjoyed the community aspect of it. I had never done Olympic lifting and I was intrigued by it. I have no intentions of lifting buses but i like learning the technique behind the lifts. The MetCon as they call it side of things was what got me super excited. I love seeing how many rounds i can do of the work out or chasing down the clock like my life depended on it. It gave me my competitive outlet that I needed. 

The Box that we go to also has an area for children to play while there parents work out. This allowed my hubby and I to go together on a Saturday morning while the kids played. They have since made some great Crossfit buddies and regularly ask when we are going. 

So when the hype of the Cross Fit games started in January. I jumped on the band wagon. I started watching some You tube clips and was in awe of how amazing these athletes are. I also learnt very quickly that those that were at the top of this sport generally came from some kind of sporting background such as gymnasts. This made me feel a little better when it took me a while to manage some of the gymnastics movements. 

Somewhere between a push press and the stress of my life I managed to get a neck issue as I like to call it that had turning my neck essentially from my waist. You know that stiff board movement where people will automatically look at you and say "oh, have you hurt your neck". So it has been a few weeks and after many massages, cupping, a quick fix cracking at a chiropractor and some acupuncture I was referred to an amazing Chiro that has many other strategies up his sleeve who works with Cross Fit athletes. Lets just say i am grateful every time I leave from a session as I feel I can move a little more comfortably. It amazes me how injuries present themselves and this particular one stems from issues with my shallow (stress head) breathing, my diaphragm and ribs. Who would have thought? 

Ok, I digress. Anyway......the Open was announced, I wasn't signed up. I started watching the videos online and Facebook messaging with a few of my other friends, some who were still undecided and some that were doing it. In the spirit of shaking up my life so when the dust settles it looks a little different I decided to register. Yep, you read it right. I registered for two new and exciting things in a space of 48hours. 

From the time I registered and i saw those US dollars fly out of my bank account I had butterflies in my belly with excitement and nerves. Luckily I had eaten a loaded sweet potato and chicken salad for dinner and knew nutritionally I was covered. Now I just need to get a decent nights sleep and wake up ready to rock and roll.

The morning rolled around, I was up, I was dressed and ready to just have fun with the workout and try my best. I thought that I could struggle to do the recommended movements but also knew that with it being my first year and new to the game I was better of doing the scaled version and work towards the Rx version next year. I was a little proud of myself for making a decision that was not only sensible but in the best interest of my neck recovery. 

I loved every second of the 15minute workout, felt grateful that my body allows me to move the way it does, that my cardiovascular system keeps pumping blood to my muscles the way it does and that I walked away with a 50kg clean and jerk! Impressive huh, well it sounded impressive till I checked the official Cross Fit leaderboard. In all honesty, I am pleased with not only my result but also for just giving it ago and realising that its ok to try new things that may feel scary. Maybe functioning in this new 'scary' place will lead to bigger and better things for this Coco Motion Mumma. 

One thing I have also learnt going into next weeks workout is....... you have nothing to loose, have faith in yourself and just go for it. 

Have you ever felt nervous about trying something new and tried it only to realise that it wasn't so scary after all?