Living the Dream - Thr1ve Symposium

I feel like i have spent the past weekend at Disney Land. I had the most incredible time the past 3 days connecting with like minded people. Yeah, the ones who value the concept that food impacts our health, the ones who feel that daily physical movement is imperative and those that strive for more out of life.

It was a big ask to go to a 3 day event. It required being away from my family and asking hubby to hold down the fort. Can i just point out that he did an exceptional job.

The line up was impressive. Leading the line up was the one and only Mark Sisson. A walking encyclopedia of knowledge on the Primal Lifestyle. He is the real deal, he clearly practices what he preaches and is incredibly humble and inspirational. There are several key messages i took away from listening to him speak over the weekend.

1. That life is 10% what happens to you and 90% the decisions you make.

2. 80% of your body composition is what you eat regardless of the exercise you do.

3. That we have a secret (about eating real food) and we just can't beat ourselves up if others don't want to hear about it.

4. There is no right or wrong. Just choices.

5. Our bodies remaining unchanged is just its way of saying " I love what you did with the place!"

Other key speakers I saw where:

1.     Darryl Edwards – Primal Play

2.     Dr Damian Kristof – Crack your stress code

3.     Michelle Chevalley Hedge – It’s all in your food – Optimise family health

4.     Keegan Smith – Strength, Flexibility and Performance

5.     Scott Gooding – Paleo for your family Cooking Demonstration

6.     Cliff Harvey – Starving on a Full Stomach

7.      Emma and Carla - The Merry Maker Sisters

8.     Sarah Wilson- I Quit Sugar

Everyone I listened to was engaging and inspiring.  I was fully immersed in every tutorial and felt like I walked away with a wealth of knowledge and a belly full of delicious food thanks to Dan Churchill and the team at Thr1ve.

For those that have never heard of Thr1ve before. It is basically a fast food chain that offers healthy REAL food. Its so great to be able to go and grab a meal on the go that meets all of my requirement - Healthy, Nourishing and Satisfying. A place where i can take my kids to and say order whatever you like. It also helps that the staff are super friendly and excited about what they deliver.

One of the true highlights of the weekend was playing ultimate Frisbee with Mark Sisson. I have heard him talk on his podcast (The Primal Blueprint Podcast) about how he plays two hours of ultimate on Sundays every week and to be able to play a game with him, be on his team and  pass him the frisbee to score on one of the occasions was something i never thought was possible. Following the game with a quick body surf topped it off.

I met many amazing people over the weekend and it reinforced to me the importance of a support network and how having your own little tribe can be so inspiring.

Have you been to a course or an event lately that was life shaking? Did it inspire you to do things differently?

If you would like any more information on any of the speakers. Drop me a line and I'd love to discuss with you.