Risky Business

"If you do what you have always done, you'll get what you have always gotten". Tony Robbins

I have never been a risk taker.  I don't gamble, I always felt that i had to work too hard for every cent I earned and it was just safer not to. I am the one who returns to my car before the parking metre runs out in fear of getting a fine. I get the recommended three quotes before making a decision on a tradesman to do work around the house. I do all my internet research and read reviews when buying new appliances or trying a new restaurant.  

So as you can probably see i don't take many risks. 

This is why I am struggling at the moment to take the risk on myself and join Marie Forleo's B-school. It looks amazing, I have watched the videos, read the stories, ideas are flying out of my head, I am carrying around a note book so I don't forget them. I even had to write a few on my hand while I was driving home from work today!

I have thought it through, calculated the pros and cons, tossed and turned at night thinking if it is the right decision for my family and I. I have thought about what success in my business would look like, what it would do for my psyche and confidence. 

I have thought about the idea of not doing anything. Would I be happy a year from now still being a teacher and having to do extra random casual work to justify a few luxuries for my family. You know what....i just can't. I don't want to be talking to you in a year from now saying i didn't take Marie Forleo up on the best things i have seen to enhance my life because i was scared. 

What example am I setting for my children if I don't do it. What a hypocrite I would be telling them they can do what ever they want in life if they just put there mind to it. I want to be proud of myself, I want my children to be proud of me for daring to be more and going after my dreams. 

I have always had this sixth sense that i was meant for bigger things. I just never knew in what capacity. I need to invest in myself. I need to see my own potential and invest money in myself to see a positive change in my life. 

Marie Forleo, my name is the Coco Motion Mumma and I am here to thrive in your program and achieve real success through hard work and dedication.