Holy Cow

I am always up for a challenge so when my CrossFit box was going to do Wholefoods February I was keen to jump on board. I feel pretty comfortable with eating 'clean' and its is not very often that i eat packaged food. But this was still going to be a challenge as for the next 28 days I had to give up my beloved Quest bar. Its not just any type of protein bar, its a delicious protein bar packed with plenty of nutritious ingredients with no real nasties. I have attached the link to the ingredients - I personally recommend the chocolate chip cookie dough. http://www.questnutrition.com/ingredients/

The first week of the challenge we were asked to take a picture of our grocery's and week 2 asked us to give up a food that was perhaps causing us some gut issues for just 5 days. So this was the little push I needed to finally ditch the dairy. For me that just meant no more whole milk cappuccinos and nightly yoghurt. But i have learnt over the years the easiest way to loose self control is by trying to give something up cold turkey. So the next best thing is to replace it with a program friendly alternative. By replacing it you don't feel deprived and tend not to get thrown off the rails. 

I began to hunt down cafe's that served almond milk cappuccinos for when i was out, bought some coconut yoghurt and researched how to make my own. As well as experimenting with some chia seed puddings. 

I am a tiny bit disappointed to report that my gut feels good! Why disappointed? Well it appears my new replacement foods are a little more costly than the dairy ones and not as convenient to find. But i am super pleased that i am now able to go to bed each night without a distended pregnant belly which I thought was just over consumption at dinner time. Other symptoms that dairy intolerance may cause are abdominal pain, flatulence and diarrhoea. 

Some times it is worth doing a little bit of self experimentation to really see what fuel best serves our body. 

Have you had to give up a food that you really loved in order to reach better health?