Loosening up the grip

There were so many ways I could have worded the title to this blog. Loosening the reigns, letting go of some rules, taking a chill pill, chillaxing and it could go on.

What I am really getting at is taking a step back, accessing what is going on around us and coming up with a new plan that is flexible and leaves us feeling like we are on track. 

I have always been the one to follow the rules, I never liked getting into trouble and was proud of the fact I never got a detention at school. Unless you count that one time when I was in year 7 and the class got placed on detention (just to clarify i was not involved). The thought of being pulled over by a police car freaks me,  just the thought of perhaps I did something illegal. I followed the advice of baby books, when to feed, when to get rid of the dummy, how to put them to bed without them getting attached to rocking or patting.  If the program said to train 6 days a week, I did it. Whether I was well, unwell or on deaths bed like last years pneumonia incident. 

Now this works for me most of the time. It has kept me on track, my kids in routine and frees up room in my brain to concentrate on other things. However, it has also kept my in a state of stress and anxiety. 

I have been coming more and more aware of this minor personality fault over the past few months and it has come to a head this week with a few new health diagnosis that all have a link to stress. That and the fact that my neck has been out of place for a week and no amount of massage or manipulation has freed me over the vice grip that has me looking like I have neck brace on. 

This week I have listened to my body and as much as it pained me to do I didn't do Crossfit this morning I just did some cardio that didn't involve my upper body, I have honoured my hunger and eaten more when I was feeling like the serve I should of had was just not enough, I let my kids stay up an extra 10minutes so they could see the end of the show they were watching and made a conscious decision that loosening the grip aka control was only going to be a positive addition to my life.

At the end of the day the sky was not going to fall and being in a place of serenity was a much more healthy choice. As my wise hubby always reminds me "No one's going to give you a chocolate frog at the end of the day for busting your gut". 

"When you try to control everything, you enjoy nothing. Sometimes you just need to relax, breathe, let go and live in the moment." unknown


A new day brings new opportunities 

February 9, 2015

People have related starting a blog to 'ripping off a band aid' or 'just diving in' so here I go!
I have had the intentions of doing this for a long time and while the hubby and kids are out of the house I thought I'd take a swim! 

I hope to write about what is happening in my world. Cook great healthy food and share it with you. Perhaps inspire you to get your hands dirty in the kitchen and share it with your friends and family.  I'll let you know of any cool new workouts I did or cross fit sessions that had me grasping for air. There might be the odd parent rant, parent fail and parent victory here or there. I also hope to link to some great articles or pod casts I listen to during my week. 

I strive for a few small things each day......

Eat real food, move my body in some way and dream big dreams. This means inspiring and motivating my children, family and friends to be the best version of themselves they can be. We only have one shot at this life and personally I think I have wasted too many days not being the best me I can be.