Hello, My name is Karlie. I am a  Mum, Wife, Daughter, Personal Development Health and Physical Education Teacher, Personal Trainer, Wellness coach, Fitness lover and Real Food Fanatic. Each role allows me to feel fulfilled and maintain a pretty productive schedule.

I am here to empower you to feel confident and in control of your health, fitness and nutrition, to be your motivator and inspire those around you to achieve a greater level of health.

My love of sport and fitness has been around for as long as I can remember. Long days at North Bondi Beach with my family, surfing, swimming, gymnastics, waterpolo, softball, hockey and dance lessons. If I wasn't being a busy little bee I wasn't happy. My love of physical activity continues now and some of my latest challenges have been running half marathons, completing my first triathlon and more recently, starting Cross Fit. 

My food fascination started when I was about 15years old. When I realised that I was fuelling my body incorrectly and despite training copious amount of hours a week in the pool and playing team sports I was gaining weight. 

Losing weight was another 'activity' that I appeared to show some talent in. So much talent that I spent several years with distorted eating and issues related to food. I am not going to lie and say it has been easy, but after a few stints in hospital, many visits with psychologists and continued support from family and friends, I have a great handle on it. It has allowed me to realise that my journey in life may very well be paying all the knowledge I have learnt forward. My hardships were perhaps a way of filling my tool kit with skills to assist others who perhaps don't feel like their living a super smashing life due to their body insecurities....... but more of that story for another day. 

These days I love preparing nutritious food for my family (hubby and two children - 6years, 4 years) and friends. I love to use real ingredients and limit my use of packaged foods. These days I spend more time surfing the web (rather than the ocean) for awesome recipes and I would be honoured if you let me share some of these with you. I tend to hit more home runs than get struck out. 

So that is me in a nutshell. I look forward to sharing my journey of food, fitness and family with you xx